Beauty in being unique

I believe that everyone is unique. Each person is different and should be respected that way. After all diversity leads to growth and all of that jazz. But somehow I cannot help finding similarities in behavior specially in cases such as these:
1. Mother in Law: No matter how stylish, hip, educated, rich, poor, mediocre and ‘cultured’ they maybe, somehow they all have the same pattern of nudging, being authoritative, snooping or in worst case scenarios even competing with the daughter in law. The similarities are so acute that now I call that the MIL syndrome.
2. The Jealous friend: Its all about the J-factor. There is this category of people, no matter how much you love them, no matter how simple you are, they will always want to compete with you, they will never ever be happy with your success, rather they will always and always find a way to bring your morale down. We’ve heard about this plenty of times, but these days, people have figured out a subtle way to get to you, that’s it! They don’t like you, post the funniest picture they have of you and tag the whole wide world in that picture! Not only that, they have sleepless nights tracking what you’re up to in the social media (thanks to the social feeds now, it’s so much simpler for them). They live in the J-zone, and more often than not also live in the migraine zone.
There are more categories I’m sure. Will write about them at some point of time.
PS: They miss a leader there, someone who can teach them a bit of creativity, any takers?
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