Shhhh… Its a secret

How often does it happen, that you land up becoming a party to someone’s deep down secret? And specially when you’re popular for ‘keeping’ secrets what happens when you, bump into someone who’s the most popular for leaking them out?

Well, in this case of opposites, hell breaks loose. Lets call the person who loves leaking secrets, Miss Lelo. What do you think Miss Lelo will do when she finds out she’s been caught in the ‘act’, red- handed.

Well, what my little wisdom tells me is she’ll go all out to demean, insult, humiliate you and in certain cases even ‘up’ her popularity index somehow. And what my spiritual teaching tells me is that something really terrible is brewing up for Miss Lelo in the ‘karma cafe’.

Believe it or not. It’s true. So next time, someone approaches you with someone’s else’s secret. Keep your guard totally up and if possible, just shut the door. Its always better that way.

Trust me :).

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