The Search

In life, I think everyone has gone through this phase at least once, if not a hundred times or more. When we are in ‘search’ of something. The search could be for anything, a piece of information, a good college, a job, a life partner, a holiday destination blah blah blah. But, the point is we have gone through it.
Internet and the search engines have made it far too simple for us, the answer is normally just a click away and you’re loaded with information and options. In fact more often than not, there is always information overload. It all starts with punching in what we’re looking for, when you think the answer is ‘just a click away’ as they advertise, we click on another option, then another option in another window. Then there is this one more option which seems close to irresistible. Sooner than you know, you would’ve landed up opening at least ten tabs with three windows each. And just a click away becomes a hundred clicks away, and a minute becomes an hour or sometimes two hours. In worst case scenarios you land up finalizing on Tokyo when searching for London. 
What is it about the search which makes us wander, lose focus, get bewildered with the number of options I have always wondered. Its literally like opening a Pandora box full of information and looking for a needle in a hay sack. What seems to be just a click away, is actually a lot of minutes away and sometimes hours away. 
Moral of the story ~ Be careful what you’re looking for. You just might get it.
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