The Perfect Plan

How often do we ‘plan’ to do something? Be it new resolutions, short term career plan, long term plan, life plan, study plan, marriage plan, children plan, insurance, we can go on and on and on.
Planning can be quite a tedious task at times specially when one has various options, multiple processes and a zillion permutations and combinations. For example, if this happens then I want to do that else something else. It can get heart wrenching and by the end of it the head might start spinning too. 
Bottom line is, no matter how much planning we may do, its the action that really matters. Ultimately you might spend hours and hours in planning (in the corporate world, meetings) but if you don’t put it in action, you’re not getting anywhere. 
Its great that you’re organized, it’s great that you ‘plan’. But also take out time for the ‘action’.

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