Exploring different avenues can be interesting, be it learning a new language, a new skill, a different cuisine or anything that one has never tried before. When we are younger, the ratio of new is to old is much higher, where we are constantly striving to acquire new skills, are encouraged and applauded, even if we just pass the first step of learning it.

But as we grow older, gradually this ratio, before we begin to realize, starts reversing, where the old occupies more of our mind space and time. The desire to learn something different slowly reduces, or is probably not encouraged or lets say we tend to make excuses too. Picture a situation where you go out with a group of friends and they decide to explore some off the beaten mountain track, how would you react when you are in your teens or 20s or lets say when you’re in your 40s/50s. The answer would be very different for most people, the reversal of the ratio of the desire to learn/explore/take risks is quite evident.

The key to remain ever youthful therefore is as simple as trying out something new often, if not everyday, the excitement and the thrill will not only keep you energy levels high, but as they say, there is too much to learn and explore in this world. Let’s keep learning, one step at a time!
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