Trouble with reality

Have you wondered why people love watching these soap operas. Full of drama, politics and what not. The flashy dresses, make up, perfect scenarios, imperfect situations, filmy dialogues… Somewhere they drive me crazy, I have never have had the patience to watch even one single episode in its entirety. 
I remember the first time when I happened to be a party to its viewership index, in my late teens in the middle of a family get together where there was absolutely no escape but to watch everyone’s favorite television serial. How by the end of it I was simply left exhausted and I kept thinking to myself, well all this anyways happens in our families, whats the fun in watching it on television again and that too with special background music, focussed close ups of actors and then the most annoying part were the replays of a certain moment with dramatized expressions. Everything was so freaky and in slow motion and it made you want to rip your hair apart, while everyone even after the episode comes to an end, wants to ‘discuss’ what and why and actually ‘relate’ situations and people within the family! Urggghhhhh…..
What makes it different anyway from our real life scenarios. Well one of course is the background music. Second, replays, I can only imagine what would happen if we had to say ‘What?’ (with your head turning to the left) repeat 3 times to highlight a certain effect of acute shock. 
Maybe people love to watch them precisely for these reasons? Well, will need some patience to do a research on that. Till then lets assume that everyone does have trouble with their reality, therefore they prefer to watch it happen to someone else.
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