Eccentricity and some such

There are people who like to ‘rub each others’ back’ and then there are people who don’t. The former are appreciated, applauded, liked and even encouraged to carry on doing so. The latter are strugglers, courageous, fearless and mostly stand alone. 
One can decipher the true characteristics of a person in the first ten minutes of the conversation one has with anyone. Unfortunately the former, “I’ll rub your back as long as you rub mine too” are considered to be normal people, at least in most work scenarios or maybe even in large families scenarios where one daughter in law struggles while the other one is the mother in law’s favourite.
Its the latter that are truly commendable, whom we may also suggest have true leadership qualities and also turn out to be great art personalities too. They ‘believe’ in themselves. They don’t think that pleasing your superior or another person is the way to climb any ladder or to even move on in life. They are compassionate, yet they do not succumb to nonsense. If they know that something is not fair or is incorrect, no matter how much someone tries to ‘butter them up’ they stand like a rock. They are simply different people. They do stand out in a crowd, and these people are mostly good friends, people whom you can trust. Most importantly they ‘believe’ in themselves.
What happens when the eccentric meets the normal? A ‘conflict’. Conflict of personalities, conflict of interests, conflict of everything. Its pathetic to see the normal shun out the eccentric. Its even more pathetic sometimes when the eccentric gives in and actually shuns herself out. 
C’mon all you eccentric people. You are the leaders of the world. Get up and stand. Stand there like a rock. The rest will only be a breeze then.

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