A smelly affair

Imagine, you’re all set to begin that workout you have been planning since eons. It took you more than many months to motivate yourself and actually go and enroll yourself in a fancy gym, only for the simple reason that the amount you’ve spent will ‘make’ you reach there everyday without fail.
Finally, after all the gym shopping with track pants, t-shirts, shoes, socks and whatever ‘other’ gears are required you reach there feeling good as if you have accomplished something major in life. As if you’re already a winner just by reaching there and being there. Surrounded by many absolutely fit ‘old-timers’, and a few amateurs,  all of them look oh-so-fit. All it takes is a short glance in the mirror where everything is right on your face, their body, your butt, their body, your hanging tummy, their body and your arms, their body and… and then you stop looking and tell yourself, you’re going to get there.
Pulling yourself up, you start the workout, you’re a bit slow and after a while, you’re all warmed up and all you want is ‘get that babe’s figure’, you feel you’re on the right track. Suddenly, the babe just passes by your treadmill and that sick, sweaty, stinky, smell makes you want to run. No, not on the treadmill but to run out of that freakin’ place. You ‘only’ wish you could run more on the treadmill. Fantastic bodies, super sexy outfits BUT that smell. Ouch! Can’t these fancy people in the fancy gym afford a simple deodorant. Why harass the rest of the people and how the hell can they be so confident about their smell? Swooshing around the whole place as if they were wearing some heavenly perfume. The ‘gym’ becomes a painful austerity, you cannot run anymore on the treadmill even if you want to. You stop the treadmill and head out for the bench press. But, no, the babe is all over the place, in fact another one joins her for a hearty laughter and a check-me-out in the mirror. And all that you can do is want to quickly finish off your instructors laid out routine,  you cannot bear the thought of coming to this place everyday and getting to smell things which you would never want to. 
Everything starts to go back to square one in your head, about whether you made the right choice or not?  ‘Only if’ someone would gift these innocent smelly people a deodorant please!

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