One way traffic.

How often does it happen when someone calls you for some advice and you land up struggling to complete one single sentence? Only one single sentence my dear friends, to at least do justice to deliver whatever wisdom that the person thought you might have.
And what happens after all the rattling and a banter of words, of the sob story and human dynamics, the helplessness of your friend, the only words you can manage are, ‘Yes, that’s sad, but..’ and she takes over, continues for fifteen minutes, and again you give another shot. ‘You shouldn’t lose hope and…’, and there goes another ten more minutes of the remnants of the story. ‘I think let’s meet and…’ and then the story slowly comes to an end. The entire conversation probably would last for 30 minutes or sometimes even 40 minutes. Not even one complete sentence from my side (just to remind you).
Without having said anything at all, the friend seems to be pleased and motivated too. And here I’m left pondering and wondering what exactly did I say? 
Only one way traffic works for some, probably.
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4 Responses to One way traffic.

  1. pixelvoyages says:

    Perhaps listening is the better art?


  2. Volle Maan says:

    Thank you so much for leaving a comment. I'm always left wondering if anyone is reading what I'm writing! Is it encouraging 🙂

    I believe most people just want to be heard. Time is the biggest constraint for everyone these days. You can live in fancy houses, get the best tutors for your children, buy the best of things, but to give someone or even family time simply to hear them out should definitely be an art. What is your take on it?


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  4. Uma Nudurupati says:

    Sometimes a patient ear is all one needs!

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