When the petty is not so petty

There are small issues and then there are the big issues in life. What makes something worth worrying? Probably it all boils down to priorities isn’t it? But how do we set priorities? Its not so simple as it seems. For most people who get hassled way too often, ‘You got to get your priorities right’ is the most heard phrase. 
Lets have a look at the following generalized scenarios (these are purely fictional characters and have no intention of hurting anyone’s sentiments)
Scenario 1
College going students’ concerns are mostly academics, girlfriends or boyfriends and then there could be fashion and ultimately career. Are they even interested to know whether the house maid came to clean or not? Whether the electricity bill is paid back home, in case they live with their parents. They have their priorities quite clear. C’mon who cares about whether the room is even clean! Give it a break dude! For them the real problem is when the best friend gets hooked with his crush. That is a problem.
Scenario 2
A homemaker’s only concern is food, clearly the topmost priority, apart from her kitty parties and socializing. Food for the husband, food for the children, food for the dog, then the cleaning maids, the clothes, so on and so forth. How does a homemaker even care if Infosys’s CEO resigns, or suddenly the most sought after job these days is of a consultant. Really? If the cleaning lady doesn’t come, well, hell definitely breaks loose.
Scenario 3
For a typical corporate guy, the priority is basically promotion, increase in salary, perks, competition basically. Mostly stressed about work. Ask him how much are potatoes for these days? He’ll probably start calling you a potato in return, forever. And we mean forever. And then probably quote a price, do an analysis on it, with a competitive strategy in place and end up with a business plan. How much are potatoes for actually? Are you crazy? If a colleague gets promoted instead of him after working for 2 years on a project, just because she’s the boss’s favorite, now that is a bigger question for him.
It’s very easy to be judgmental, for the corporate guy to tell the homemaker she’s a potato just because she knows how much that costs. Or for the homemaker to be cold to the feelings of the college going student because her maid didn’t come or vice versa. Whatever the scenario maybe, if each one tries just a little bit to step out of their own shoes and think, what’s petty for them may not be so petty for someone else. A small change in the mindset after all, might make the world a better place to live.
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