Life Concoction

Cooking is an integral part of life for most of us, since we need to eat and the food has to be edible! Over a period of time we get comfortable with the way we cook, the ingredients that go in and also somewhat understand the science behind ‘cooking’.

But, what about life? Ever thought that life too is similar to cooking, the art of cooking per se. Under pressure, specially under extreme pressure, just like the pressure cooker, our lives can simply burst with a high alert sounding whistle which will not stop unless someone does something about it. With everything everywhere, anger, frustration, happiness, sadness, its all so mixed up that one cannot even distinguish one from the other! And what’s left is mostly a pulpy paste which is definitely not interesting on its own.

On the other hand, in a slowly cooked dish, you can add varied aromas of surprise, adventure, serenity and the colors of happiness, sadness, memories, red, orange, green all stand out. Each flavor is savored, every spice is smelt and tasted. The wholesome dish looks good, feels good and is a gastronomical delight.

While few things need to be pressure cooked, the most delicious dish is a result of the art of gently placing all the elements together, and making it a perfect concoction. Ditto with life.

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