Little Girl

little girl

A little girl played in the garden,  stopping to smell the assortment of flowers in full bloom once in a while. She would get distracted by lady bugs that slowly walked on the flower petals, flying from one flower to another, those cute little polka-dotted insects. She loved them, she would make them crawl on her hands and sing the Lady Bug song. Her thoughts would slowly wander on how the birds could fly and she would want to fly too, view everything from up above, to go anywhere just like the birds could go, watching the birds soar in to the sky, some just floating amidst the blue background as if lazing with their wings spread, making the clouds their bed. Five o’ clock, mother calls her back inside. She knew it was time to study, her older siblings had been watching her, mocking at her, she was late. Back to the routine, she left her thoughts in the garden and wanted to go back there again tomorrow. But, tomorrow never came.

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One Response to Little Girl

  1. Uma Nudurupati says:

    Some day when she is all grown up, she will walk back into that garden; be the little girl again.

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