Follow Fashion?

Not everyone follows fashion trends flaunted by supermodels on the ramp with every change of season. Well, are you sure?

Imagine, if a person decides to stop following these defined styles.  For instance, someone resolved to wear only specially tailored, super flared bell bottomed pants with a big collared fitted shirt and half face covered with glares, no matter what! The person will surely stand out of the crowd, isn’t it?

Needless to say, fashion trends are pushed in the market. When you go shopping you’ll know, how some styles are not available anymore, how jeggings gradually replaced genuine denim jeans for example. Fashion evolution.

Even though some people appear to be more fashionable than others, all thanks to the matching head to toe gears and the ultra refined make up, they still have a fine similarity with those who supposedly aren’t ‘so chic’. After all, there are limited permutations and combinations available of what one can wear.

What we should buy or what we think is purchasable is pre-judged by high street fashion designers. Anything concluded as not being in vogue is eventually removed from the market to be only seen in museums and vintage photographs.

Ergo, we are manipulated to buy what the greatest designers feel should be worn by the human race. There may be tons of merchandise to choose from when we go shopping, but those are all bi-products of the styles ‘a few’ have declared should be worn. We definitely have the freedom to select amongst all of those, but deciding to wear something which is simply not the current trend? Think about it…

It’s bizarre, how a handful of  people subtly control our personal wardrobe. And if you still think you don’t follow fashion trends, check point. fashion

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