Can you?


When was the last time you burnt with passion to fulfill your dreams? Wait, do you remember your dream, something that you’ve always wanted to do? Or did it get lost in making a living or pleasing someone, who will eventually forget.

If your dreams got lost, find them. If you cannot remember, create new ones. But do something. Keep that ignition of desireĀ alive. Keep that blood rushing to achieve those goals. Because there is always something one wants to do, always. And if you are close to knowing what you want to do, there is only you stopping yourself from doing it.

Take that one little step yet towards your dream and goal, take it today, take it right now. There will be no better time and no better day. At this very moment, you can begin to move in the direction that you have desired all along but buried it along the way.

Dig out the dreams from the grave, make them come alive and such will be your story.

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