Work from home, a boon or a limitation?



This post is for work at home moms, who’ve made this choice after having worked in an organised sector for a while, for higher flexible timings, being there for the kids, and various other reasons which they thought would be less stressful. All this is true, but can their work graph go up  while working from home is the question. Few pointers out of my own experience of trying out this method:

  1. Office at home – When news goes around that you’re now at home, people skip the the ‘work’ part by default. Well, that’s how it is! The number of guests that pour in because they know you’re at home (didn’t anyone tell them that there’s a mobile phone that can be used to find out if one is free?) dramatically increases. People whom you don’t even know, some distant relatives they would say, drop in to see what you’re doing and have a cuppa chai (so casual isn’t it?). If you’re at home, obviously you’re freely available. Since you’re at home, no no, we don’t want to disturb you but can someone come and pick this parcel from your place (it’s quite central you see, the location, so it can become a hub of pick ups and drops since everyone else is ‘not at home’).
  2. The number of bells that would ring eventually, postal delivery, milkman, gardener, land line phones,  this and that, oh gosh you left the water running somewhere, that sudden realization when you see the neighbor at the door! One has no idea that this is what happens at home daily!
  3. Meetings – Yes to meet someone for work, calling them home is not a great idea at all! So yes, we do land up spending extra time and money at coffee shops or totally shortlist the prospective people we could’ve met otherwise. The ratio is usually 1:100.
  4. Beware if you’re a dog owner –  My god he’s a full time job. How the hell was it being managed when you weren’t at home. He seems to be so clingy now and you feel he probably suffers from a serious attention disorder, half the time one feels like your only goal in life is to to save your work from him, no not from competition, its only him. Your expenses therefore increase because of the number of stationery items, shoes, cushions, door mats that have been ruined during the process.

Nevertheless, if you’re lucky, the work will be stable fortunately. In fact one has the feeling of  becoming some sort of a genius. With stronger reflexes and the ability to multi-task in short time spans goes to another level totally. But as far as the work graph goes. There’s a huge question mark that hangs in there.



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