The Lost Chance

Many opportunities strike our way, whether it’s for work or building new friendships, but our fears and apprehensions don’t allow us to explore them. We have a preconceived thought process based on our past experiences which come in the way thereby restricting our own growth and potential that we aren’t aware of.

Past experiences, specially which have been bad, leave a scar and the mind finds it difficult to think that an alternate outcome is possible. Subconsciously we try and create a comfort zone for ourselves which is free of such accidents being repeated. Generalising human behaviour and tendencies is what we get used to. They become hard wired when we fail repeatedly and eventually we lose the will to even believe that things can change, which further pushes us to an even smaller zone.

Human beings have unlimited potential, can that potential be tapped within our comfort zone? You’re correct, it can never happen. The only way to do so is to become fearless, learn the art of failing but not being defeated. Instead of generalizing, we can view things as they are, objectively. There are good people around and there are tonnes of opportunities one can explore.

Let’s not lose the chance that can open the door to our growth and happiness. Let’s keep our eyes and mind wide open and embrace the things that come to us.

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One Response to The Lost Chance

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very profound thought de codified in very simplistic way….!!!
    I am sure readers will find it to be adopted and adapted in daily life circumstances to pursue their dreams and synergise them with opportunities.

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