An ode to stalkers 

That eery feeling when you know someone is watching every move you make. What you do and what you don’t. One is not even conscious of the almighty as much. But a human has that capacity to make you feel watched. 

I’m a self turned atheist, well almost. Convent schools eventually make you want to become that. Entire schooling I was taught, Jesus is watching everything you’re doing. So do the right thing. It’s another story that I’m still trying to comprehend what exactly ‘is the right thing’. Anyways, I turned into a self proclaimed, almost an atheist since I began to realise that Jesus was no one but a human stalker. 

Someone who would try to hack into your social media account. Or someone who would know what time you go and come back from work, aka, neighbor. Or someone, who would try and fetch every minute detail of the stuff you use at home, including the incense, mind you. And have the audacity to ensure that you know what you’re doing is wrong. Honestly, never in my wildest of dreams or my convent education did I think that it was wrong to put room fresherners in the house. Seriously people. 

Please note, none of the characters mentioned above who claim to be self righteous gods and goddesss are either family members, nor friends, they aren’t even related to me in any which way. They nevertheless  have more information about me than my own parents. Can you beat that! Maybe they feel godly enough to keep a ‘watch’ over me.

But dear stalkers, get a life. The world needs you. There are enough issues to be dealt with than my measly minute life. There are people who genuinely need help, and so does the environment. You super intelligence and the spark of a detective can help plenty of people who genuinely need your esteemed services which you provide for free. Since you’re so rich with time and money, please divert your energies. 

Because the world needs you. Not a miniscule entity like myself. May the force be with you to find your calling to contribute towards a larger goal. God bless.

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