About the night

There are those days when you’re super happy and feel on top of the world. And this happiness comes slowly gliding down when expectations creep in. These expectations are so self initiated that you wonder why you had them anyways. But there they are looming in your brain and mind trying to wander into those ecstatic moments that you’re having and desperately making a way into that weak spot to make you wonder why you’re so happy. 

But, I have finally figured.  There is fortunately a solid solution to remove these most logically insanse thoughts which so sneakily want to ruin your day. Yes, I did. 

Go back to how you started your day, that moment that gave you the maximum happiness. Re-live it now. As if it were rewinding itself in your head over and over and how much you cherished it. How joyful the whole experience was. 

Go into the rewind mode and then fast forward it to how it should happen again. Totally and absolutely skip what happened when the ‘expectations’ set it.

Yes, that’s it.

It’s that simple. 

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