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Can you?

When was the last time you burnt with passion to fulfill your dreams? Wait, do you remember your dream, something that you’ve always wanted to do? Or did it get lost in making a living or pleasing someone, who will … Continue reading

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Follow Fashion?

Not everyone follows fashion trends flaunted by supermodels on the ramp with every change of season. Well, are you sure? Imagine, if a person decides to stop following these defined styles.  For instance, someone resolved to wear only specially tailored, super flared … Continue reading

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A smelly affair

Originally posted on Ramblings @Oddstreet:
Imagine, you’re all set to begin that workout you have been planning since eons. It took you more than many months to motivate yourself and actually go and enroll yourself in a fancy gym, only…

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A Matter of Choice

Tired of seeing her single, her friends began to search for an ideal soul mate for her, without her knowledge. She was touching 30, that’s exactly what’s expected isn’t it? For a girl to be married, specially when everyone at … Continue reading

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Little Girl

A little girl played in the garden, ¬†stopping to smell the assortment of flowers in full bloom once in a while. She would get distracted by lady bugs that slowly walked on the flower petals, flying from one flower to … Continue reading

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