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About the night

There are those days when you’re super happy and feel on top of the world. And this happiness comes slowly gliding down when expectations creep in. These expectations are so self initiated that you wonder why you had them anyways. … Continue reading

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Follow Fashion?

Not everyone follows fashion trends flaunted by supermodels on the ramp with every change of season. Well, are you sure? Imagine, if a person decides to stop following these defined styles.  For instance, someone resolved to wear only specially tailored, super flared … Continue reading

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When the petty is not so petty

There are small issues and then there are the big issues in life. What makes something worth worrying? Probably it all boils down to priorities isn’t it? But how do we set priorities? Its not so simple as it seems. … Continue reading

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One way traffic.

How often does it happen when someone calls you for some advice and you land up struggling to complete one single sentence? Only one single sentence my dear friends, to at least do justice to deliver whatever wisdom that the … Continue reading

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Does Anyone Talk

A couple of decades ago, of what I remember, the most cherished moments were families, friends, and cousins getting together on holidays and the entire house would be full of sound of people, warm voices. There would be aunt gossip … Continue reading

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