Just a Fact

Invariably, if I don’t log on to an email account or any website that I follow for what seems a long gap, the next time I log on, undoubtedly it results in creating a new password. Not that it’s such a humungus task. But, what follows makes it so. A change in password of one site will result in the change in password for all the others, the password law of motion. This is because the new password by default replaces the old password even in your brain, leaving no trace of the old one unless and until you have it saved elsewhere, and in my case, when the loss of password happens, the ‘elsewhere’ also gets lost with it. 

Hope I’m not the only one suffering from the ‘password law of motion’ 

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Can you?


When was the last time you burnt with passion to fulfill your dreams? Wait, do you remember your dream, something that you’ve always wanted to do? Or did it get lost in making a living or pleasing someone, who will eventually forget.

If your dreams got lost, find them. If you cannot remember, create new ones. But do something. Keep that ignition of desire alive. Keep that blood rushing to achieve those goals. Because there is always something one wants to do, always. And if you are close to knowing what you want to do, there is only you stopping yourself from doing it.

Take that one little step yet towards your dream and goal, take it today, take it right now. There will be no better time and no better day. At this very moment, you can begin to move in the direction that you have desired all along but buried it along the way.

Dig out the dreams from the grave, make them come alive and such will be your story.

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Follow Fashion?

Not everyone follows fashion trends flaunted by supermodels on the ramp with every change of season. Well, are you sure?

Imagine, if a person decides to stop following these defined styles.  For instance, someone resolved to wear only specially tailored, super flared bell bottomed pants with a big collared fitted shirt and half face covered with glares, no matter what! The person will surely stand out of the crowd, isn’t it?

Needless to say, fashion trends are pushed in the market. When you go shopping you’ll know, how some styles are not available anymore, how jeggings gradually replaced genuine denim jeans for example. Fashion evolution.

Even though some people appear to be more fashionable than others, all thanks to the matching head to toe gears and the ultra refined make up, they still have a fine similarity with those who supposedly aren’t ‘so chic’. After all, there are limited permutations and combinations available of what one can wear.

What we should buy or what we think is purchasable is pre-judged by high street fashion designers. Anything concluded as not being in vogue is eventually removed from the market to be only seen in museums and vintage photographs.

Ergo, we are manipulated to buy what the greatest designers feel should be worn by the human race. There may be tons of merchandise to choose from when we go shopping, but those are all bi-products of the styles ‘a few’ have declared should be worn. We definitely have the freedom to select amongst all of those, but deciding to wear something which is simply not the current trend? Think about it…

It’s bizarre, how a handful of  people subtly control our personal wardrobe. And if you still think you don’t follow fashion trends, check point. fashion

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A smelly affair

Ramblings @Oddstreet

Imagine, you’re all set to begin that workout you have been planning since eons. It took you more than many months to motivate yourself and actually go and enroll yourself in a fancy gym, only for the simple reason that the amount you’ve spent will ‘make’ you reach there everyday without fail.
Finally, after all the gym shopping with track pants, t-shirts, shoes, socks and whatever ‘other’ gears are required you reach there feeling good as if you have accomplished something major in life. As if you’re already a winner just by reaching there and being there. Surrounded by many absolutely fit ‘old-timers’, and a few amateurs,  all of them look oh-so-fit. All it takes is a short glance in the mirror where everything is right on your face, their body, your butt, their body, your hanging tummy, their body and your arms, their body and… and then you stop…

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A Matter of Choice


Tired of seeing her single, her friends began to search for an ideal soul mate for her, without her knowledge. She was touching 30, that’s exactly what’s expected isn’t it? For a girl to be married, specially when everyone at that age has reached the next level, parenting. Her friends stopped asking her anymore, the pokey question, ‘why aren’t you getting married?’.  She would in a blink block the questioner out of her life, irrespective of the number of years of friendship and whatever the blood relation may be. Whoever loved and cared for her didn’t dare ask her that, even subtly.

It was one such eureka moment when a ‘good friend’ could fix up a meeting with a ‘eligible boy’ in such a way that she had absolutely no inclination of what was to unfold. For her it was a rare visit with her mother to a random aunt’s place, her mother not being  a socially confident person, she had willingly agreed to drive her there.

The formal greetings and small talk happened while she observed her stylish aunt, versus herself who could be written off as being on the shabby side of the fashion index, with no make up, and hair tied up in a messy bun. Her aunt had royal mannerisms, immaculately dressed, authoritarian yet soft voice in the way she ordered the servants around. Her thoughts wandered as the ladies gossiped,  she gazed into the spread of serene garden outside the window, she was lost, which her mother was used to. She would rather not talk rubbish than talk at all.

An hour passed, the aunt flaunted her house with poise, this and that room and so on. Getting impatient by now, she almost gestured her mother to leave, when suddenly came in a tall and a rather plump man, probably a few years older to her. He was in a business suit, apparently the aunt’s son she could guess. His arrogance confirmed that. The claustrophobic atmosphere made her want to sprint out of that place immediately.

If that was not enough, she saw the aunt and son signal each other making weird faces, pointing towards her. The son’s reply was loud and clear, ‘no’.

Flabbergasted, she ultimately understood what all this was about! She had rejected the man himself in her mind as soon as he entered, he had done the same! She was no where close to his stylish mother and he was nowhere close to the unpretentious her. They didn’t meet, yet they had met. They didn’t talk, yet the words were spoken. Without knowing each other, they both had made a choice. The choice was the same.

Her desperate wish was only if she could communicate her ‘No’ loud and clear as well to the boy. Only if…

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