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An ode to stalkers 

That eery feeling when you know someone is watching every move you make. What you do and what you don’t. One is not even conscious of the almighty as much. But a human has that capacity to make you feel … Continue reading

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Work from home, a boon or a limitation?

  This post is for work at home moms, who’ve made this choice after having worked in an organised sector for a while, for higher flexible timings, being there for the kids, and various other reasons which they thought would … Continue reading

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Can you?

When was the last time you burnt with passion to fulfill your dreams? Wait, do you remember your dream, something that you’ve always wanted to do? Or did it get lost in making a living or pleasing someone, who will … Continue reading

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A Matter of Choice

Tired of seeing her single, her friends began to search for an ideal soul mate for her, without her knowledge. She was touching 30, that’s exactly what’s expected isn’t it? For a girl to be married, specially when everyone at … Continue reading

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Little Girl

A little girl played in the garden, ¬†stopping to smell the assortment of flowers in full bloom once in a while. She would get distracted by lady bugs that slowly walked on the flower petals, flying from one flower to … Continue reading

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